JumpLyfe is a new social networking travel agency that combines affordable travel booking and new ways to socialize with fellow travelers. It is the newest and most prominent way to organize travel and meet new people. Everyone loves to explore and go on trips. At JumpLyfe, we offer our members, who we affectionately refer to as Jumpers, deals, discounts, and other options that save money and allow them to travel the world.
Our mission is to enhance people’s lives by providing access to affordable, unique, travel experiences. Our vision for our members is that every Jumper takes at least two trips per year, and with the money we will save them, this is a very realistic goal for anyone.
We are passionate about providing the most positive customer service experience we can, so we created a way for our customers to enjoy every second of their experiences. We want jumpers to have the ultimate travel experience. Jumplyfe provides the platform for this ultimate experience by enabling users to share videos, photos, and reviews while they travel the world. It doesn’t end there; JumpLyfe has more tantalizing features to enjoy. You can sign up to be a Jump Host, and get paid to help other jumpers enjoy your home. This feature allows Jumpers to link up with another Jumper who is from their destination, and that Jump Host will show you all the best entertainment hotspots, dining locations, natural and historical attractions, and anything you might not have even known you wanted to see. We simply strive to connect travel enthusiasts across the globe and to inspire those less traveled to have adventures beyond their wildest dreams.


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